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PFU- iNetSec

iNetSec is an internal network security appliance that provides full network device visibility, network access control and rapid security response. It discovers all devices on your network – both wireless and wired - and their application activities, giving the ability to blacklist and thus block unauthorized and rogue devices. Additionally, thanks to its patented behavioral-based technology, iNetSec can detect and rapidly stop APT attacks by discovering the traffic behaviors related to the reconnaissance and the exfiltration phases of an attack across multiple threat vectors. Thereby it can assess and secure your network, and prevent data theft. iNetSec is Agentless and installed not in-line.

Advantages of iNetSec include:
Ease of Deployment
  • Not In-Line installation is typically under two hours
  • No impact for existing network environment
  • No agent software required on devices
  • Plug and Play design for quick and easy deployment

  • Ease of Operation
  • No agent software to install on the devices
  • Easy operation through a web-based administration console
  • Role-based administration privileges to delegate your tasks
  • Centralized management for single and multi-branch office deployment type

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